Has the current government entered a dead end?

 Has the current government entered a dead end?

Two and a half months ago in April, after the success of the motion of no-confidence against Imran Khan, the alliance of 11 parties with Big Crufer came to the government and the crown of the Prime Minister was placed on the head of PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, economically and politically. The driving seat of Pakistan was handed over to PML-N with hesitation and then the ministries were divided according to the size of the share. But collusion always erupts at the intersection, especially the explosion of political and power collusion is more rapid and effective because there are no rules or regulations in political collusion, but only interests are seen and The acquisition of power is given priority, that has been our political history.

When the government was formed with the collaboration of political parties with almost equal members of the cricket team, looking at the previous administrative experience of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the nation hoped that he would use his experience to alleviate the sufferings of the people of Pakistan. will treat After assuming the office of the Prime Minister, Shahbaz Sharif, as per tradition, also showed speed in the execution of his affairs and showed so much that his own people gave him the name of Shahbaz Speed. He also made half a dozen foreign trips in his first month in office, which were later called off due to public criticism. At the same time, he also made many happy and charming announcements, but soon he took a U-turn from him in such a way that the whole nation started to forget the "U-turn Khan" addressed by him. Political analysts, including economists, had said that in case of success of the movement, it will not be an easy task for any government to come to run the country.

The problems of the current government started as soon as Shahbaz Sharif sat on the post of Prime Minister, and even before the decisions taken to support the faltering national economy, the cries of the people, who were suffering from inflation, became louder. Almost doubling the price of petroleum products during As a result, the inflation of Shehbaz's speed increased rapidly, which made the people uncomfortable, but the government camp also became uneasy because all the accusations and anger of the people, along with the active opposition PTI in the country, were directed towards the government. But in this situation, when it is a coalition government of eleven parties, the entire public reaction came to the PML-N while other parties, especially PPP and JUI-F, are still silent spectators and instead She stood by Shehbaz Sharif's side on these difficult economic decisions but did nothing but give a half statement. They are still watching the spectacle of the helplessness of the PML while enjoying two things in one ticket.

If it was only about the public response and the opposition's protest, then maybe it would not have been a matter of concern for the Shahbaz government, but in the last one week, apparently, with the court decisions against the government, the allied parties of the government have started showing their eyes to the Shahbaz government. And they have openly threatened to secede from the alliance, it seems like a question mark on the future of the government.

It is known to all that the present government was formed by conniving MQM, BAP and independent members of the Imran Khan government and for this they were also shown green gardens, but these green gardens are still the same. What has happened to the green gardens shown earlier and those who with great joy and claims accused their former ally PTI of not fulfilling their promises, broke away from the previous government and made promises to the new government. He had started his new political journey by being bound, now he is complaining about the broken promises of the current government and is remembering the era of his old acquaintances in good terms and saying that Imran Khan's government was better than this. In this they also got funds and their words were also listened to.

In this whole spectacle, MQM became a part of the present government on the demand of handover and reopening of its closed offices, recovery of missing persons and a fully empowered local government system as per Supreme Court verdict, the first two demands. It may not be possible for any political government to fulfill, but the third and most important demand for empowered local government system has been given by PPP to MQM till now and MQM is so tired of eating this lollipop. That he has refused to eat this lollipop any more because MQM's eyes have been opened by the results of the first phase of municipal elections and the second phase of municipal elections in Karachi and Hyderabad this month. If this attitude of PPP continues, there is a danger to MQM that it may have to wash its hands of the mayorship of the two big cities, which has been expressed by the provincial minister of PPP, Saeed Ghani, by claiming that the next mayor of Karachi will be PPP. It will be P.

Shahbaz Sharif and Maulana Fazlur Rahman were the guarantors in the agreement between MQM and PP, but they are also unable to play their effective role due to which the language of MQM leaders is also becoming bitter. After the public level, now the voice of MQM against the government has started to be raised in the House and on the floor of the Assembly, it has openly threatened to separate from the government. Jui (F) is also worried about Piala and Hum Nawala, especially the one-sided results of local body elections in Sindh and the mysterious silence of the federal government on the echo of open rigging has added to its agitation.

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F), which reportedly was already upset with the major parties of the alliance for reneging on the promise of making Maulana Fazlur Rehman the president, has been infuriated by the results of the local elections in Sindh. The Shehbaz government, standing on the crutch of two votes, has threatened to leave the coalition.

Maulana Rashid Soomro, the leader of JUI who is directly considered to be Maulana Fazlur Rehman, accused PP of rigging the local elections in Sindh and clearly demanded that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif should support PP in the local elections of Sindh. Take notice of the arbitrariness, the alleged rigging and the treatment meted out to their allies, if they keep quiet about it, they will be forced to take back the alliance crutch, Rashid Soomro has not only warned Shahbaz Sharif that Rather, he has also appealed to his leader Fazlur Rehman to decide to separate from the government coalition.

Another ally of Shehbaz government BAP and independent member Aslam Bhutani has also openly come against the government. But when the Prime Minister called him for a meeting, there, according to reports, Shahbaz Sharif made it clear that if the situation continues, it will be difficult for him to stay with the government any longer.

Majority of the ANP members are of the opinion of separation from the government, Emil Wali has called an important meeting of the party after Eid for the final decision.

Meanwhile, Asif Zardari also came to the field to resolve the differences of the government allies, while Maulana Fazlur Rehman also met the Prime Minister, but these meetings did not yield any encouraging results.

Unbearable inflation, along with their disloyalty, court decisions have also disturbed the sleep of Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza. The Lahore High Court first issued an immediate notification to the Election Commission of the 5 specific seats of the PTI in the Punjab Assembly and then subtracted the votes of 25 defiant members of the PTI from the votes of Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz and immediately re-polled the next day. After the decisions of the counting, the Supreme Court ordered the re-election of the Chief Minister of Punjab on July 22 after the by-election on 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly on July 17. Willingness has been shown.

The Shahbaz government, which is already under pressure from its allies after the IMF, has been more worried by the court verdicts. Hamza Shehbaz's defeat will be certain because in such a case PTI will get majority and for Hamza Shehbaz to win the election of Chief Minister of Punjab will be like winning the lion's gamble and if this happens then it will not be a good omen for the throne of Islamabad after Punjab. Because it is known to the kings that if they want to stay on the throne of Islamabad, then they have to keep the throne of Lahore.

If anyone is happy in all this situation, it is PTI which has been on the streets since leaving power and a large number of people have proved it by coming out of their homes and protesting many times on the appeal of Imran Khan. What are people thinking? Although there was some stagnation in PTI's protest politics after the Islamabad dharna plan on May 25 was incomplete, however, the changing situation for a week has given rise to new opportunities and Imran Khan has once again decided to keep the political arena warm. What is it, which has been demonstrated by the PTI's nationwide protest against inflation last month and the strong protest against inflation in Islamabad's parade ground yesterday, and in these two events, PTI made a full public show. has proved that currently he is the most popular leader of the country and his narrative has the most impact on the people.

The public's anxiety is increasing due to all the political situation, but at this time, not only the anxiety of the people is increasing, but also something is happening in the powerful circles and closed rooms, which sooner or later will have some result. It has to be.

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