The United States and China - a new Cold War

 The United States and China - a new Cold War

Nuclear technology-powered submarines are a valuable asset for establishing their sovereignty at sea. This is top secret technology. Britain is America's most important ally in Europe and the United States has so far provided this secret only to Britain at the beginning of the Cold War which is almost six decades old today. Apart from the United States and the United Kingdom, only four other countries currently have nuclear-powered submarines.

The story goes that after World War II, when the Cold War broke out between the United States and the Soviet Union, the United States formed NATO to stop the spread of communism.
History often repeats itself. A few days ago, on September 15, the United States signed a new military agreement. This time the technology is being provided by the United States and the United Kingdom to Australia. The three-nation alliance is called Oaks. All three countries are part of the Big Five.
The United States and China - a new Cold War
In 2016, France, one of the Big Five countries, signed a ساتھ 65 billion submarine deal with Australia, but it was too late to comply. The problem was that they were diesel-powered submarines that had to come to the surface once every 24 hours, while nuclear-powered submarines could stay underwater for months at a time. Helps to keep out of sight.
The faster China took off, the harder it was for the United States to endure. The United States has therefore launched a new trilateral alliance aimed at upholding peace and security on paper and keeping the Indo-Pacific region open for trade, but linked to Cold War containment policy. Just as the United States contained the Soviet Union, so does China.
It is a historical fact that more or less every time a certain power is established and another is emerging, there is bound to be a clash between them. This theory is called the Thosis Did's Trap. Thosi Didis was a Greek historian and general who wrote the history of the Peloponnesian War.
There were two sides to this war, Sparta being an established power and Athens an emerging civil state. He writes that this war took place because Athens was rising and Sparta was beginning to feel threatened by the growing power of Athens.
Graham Ellison, in his research on the same theory at Harvard University's Belfort Center, examined sixteen such events in the last five hundred years and came to the conclusion that twelve of them ended in a bloody war. The Cold War is one of the four events that ended without a bloody war. Although the United States and the Soviet Union never came face to face in the Cold War, proxy wars continued. When the war in Korea ended, the Vietnam War began.
When it ended, the story of Afghanistan began. In the midst of all this, the Cold War could turn the world into a nuclear winter. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War would have turned into a nuclear war if the tilt had increased.
Now that US nuclear technology will be given to Australia to operate the submarines, China's reaction is to consider Kabul, which is officially calling it a Cold War mentality.

Other countries in the region, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, have also expressed concern. North Korea is concerned that nuclear technology may not reach Australia. By justifying this, North Korea will further expand its nuclear program.

Surprisingly, China is currently Australia's largest trading partner. With this agreement, Australia is perhaps openly explaining its neutrality in the new Cold War. After Quad, Oaks is now sounding the alarm for China. Addressing the annual session of the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden said he did not want to start a new Cold War. But Oaks is pointing in another direction.

Although Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has hinted that he is not interested in becoming a nuclear power, this is true because Australia has agreements that prevent it from becoming a nuclear power. But in war and love everything becomes permissible.

The Second Cold War is about to begin. Is Australia moving towards becoming a client state? If the nuclear arms race were to resume, it would be extremely dangerous for the world.

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