Political outbursts and possible indigestion of the people of Karachi

 Political outbursts and possible indigestion of the people of Karachi

He does not want council membership, he does not want the leadership of the nation, no address is required. Motor, and no room in Shimla. I only ask God and others for a "burp". I want to call the clouds of my stormy stomach in my throat and send it out with a full thunder. That is to say, let me knock on the door. But what can I do? These new fashionistas don't let me burp. They say, when belching starts, press your lips and blow it quietly through the nostrils. It is very rude to shout.

We have linked this splendor of Khawaja Hassan Nizami's pen to the recent protests of political parties in Karachi. Yes, they have left their beds in a daze and are now taking "political outbursts" in the form of rallies, protest rallies and sit-ins. They "assert" their rights over the people.

On the other hand, after coming to power, even the disgruntled public representatives who have been sleeping in the assembly till they are ousted from power, wake up to the loud voices of the political parties of the opposition parties. The thieves "offer" what we call "agreement." Similarly, some "mistakes" are forgiven and condolences are turned away from "noise" for a few days.

Karachi, the bride of the country and the commercial hub of the country, is deprived of its local government servants. But many years have passed and the ruling party of the province still believes in democracy. He is continuing his "sincere" efforts to hold local government elections. These are things we all know, but the truth is that no one knows when this densely populated city will have those representatives at the local level. With their help, they will work in the city from garbage to street lights, from water supply and drainage to birth and death certificates and many other things for which the people in any democratic and developed country. No one knows whether the new local government system after the elections will be a reflection of the aspirations of a single political power or whether it will have a fair distribution of power and financial resources with representation of each class and group.

On the political front in Karachi, a series of heated and inflammatory statements has been going on for the last several days. The MQM Pakistan's protest and the unfortunate situation that arose on this occasion was still under discussion between the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Sindh government, which were seen on the streets in a very systematic manner against public issues and amendments to the Local Government Act. " The agreement began to resound. What a wonderful way to screw people over.

Or may the Lord end this mixture
They had a connection with us but where so much

And this is also what the poet has said which the majority of Karachi fully believes in.

If we live up to our promises, we will be deceived

That they would not die happily if there was trust

Take a look at the history of this country, we will find many agreements that are still awaiting implementation.

As far as the PTI is concerned, it is limited to statements on the issues of Sindh and especially Karachi. It is unknown why MQM chose "Patna" when it took to the streets of Pakistan. Some quarters are calling it an attempt to gain sympathy or attention. Analysts say the party is still under pressure and in its ranks. The chaos that had arisen could not be removed. Meanwhile, Mustafa Kamal's Pak Sarzamin Party and Afaq Ahmed are also in the field with the slogan of Muhajir. He was also criticized by various serious and conscious public circles after a recent statement. The Functional League is also supporting the major political parties in favor of Karachi in one form or another, but the PPP seems to be in the mood to adopt any tactic before the elections with the desired amendments in the local body law. , Which could be of great benefit to him in the forthcoming local body elections.

For months, the mayor of the city lost his hand to every department due to the ruling party of Sindh and every such authority went out of his hands, which could have brought relief to the people. The city is a picture of helplessness and the people are helpless. Nothing can be said about when the local body elections will be held, and whether it will be held only for political gain or will bring relief to the people.

The series of "political clashes" that have started in Karachi will turn into "political clashes" near the elections. One idea is that the way in which linguistic segregation is being fueled this time around and the stubbornness and arbitrariness in the decision-making process for the fulfillment of political interests has resulted in increasing the difficulties of the people. Will be.

The amendments to the Local Government Bill are likely to be followed by the election of a Mayor and Deputy Mayor from among the members of the Town Municipal Council. The mayor will be elected by secret ballot instead of open ballot. According to the Local Government Amendment Bill 2021, the major cities of the province including the provincial capital Karachi will be Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpur Khas, Benazirabad Corporations. The new local government system that will be introduced in Sindh will deprive the KMC of the management of major hospitals in the city of Karachi and the education and health sectors including birth and death will also be under the management of the provincial government.

It was 1972 when the founder of the PPP, Quaid-e-Azam Zulfiqar Bhutto, invited political leaders, intellectuals and writers, including journalists, to Islamabad after the riots over the language bill. He visited the urban areas of Uttar Pradesh and tried to allay the anxiety and uneasiness of the people there. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, realizing the gravity of the situation at that time, considered it necessary to contact not only politicians but also intellectuals and all of them had played their role in creating an atmosphere of unity and brotherhood throughout Sindh. Today, if any class or group is trying to create chaos and chaos in the province by promoting linguistics, it will have to give a blunt answer and it will have to try from every political and social platform.


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