How important is the education of women and minorities in the new Pakistan?

 How important is the education of women and minorities in the new Pakistan?

On the resources of our country, the Brahmins are a special class whose children go to the civil service.

At the same time, politics has been dominated by the same class for the last seventy years which has immense resources. What is the reason for this? Will be implemented. The system of Allah and His Messenger means that there will be a welfare state. The distribution of resources will be equal. Every human being will have equal opportunities for development. But after the death of Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam, the national interest was completely forgotten.

The feudal lords, the capitalists, the vassals concentrated the resources of the country in their own hands. The bureaucracy, the high judiciary, the army, the purpose is to control all the state institutions of the resource class only.

That is why this class has been occupying the government sometimes in the name of democracy and sometimes in the name of martial law and this class has also kept the religious leaders under its wings so that the people may need it sometimes in the name of democracy and sometimes in the name of religion. But poverty should not be given a chance to get out of the blind well of unemployment. Thus the people have been in a dilemma for the last seventy years and the affluent class has been relying on the government. By making English the official language instead of Urdu or the mother tongue instead of the mother tongue, by making it the language of the court, by making it the language of the civil service examination, this nation has been oppressed so much that this nation has been pushed back centuries.

Thus the common man is trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty according to a term of economics. He does not know English nor will the common man go into the civil service. The common man does not know English nor will he know what the judge has decided in his case. Stop begging, what will happen to the rights of women and minorities there.

The new Prime Minister has spoken of a uniform education system. If a uniform education system is implemented, many problems can be eliminated. Unemployment, intolerance and intolerance are the motives mentioned above. The standard of government schools will skyrocket in just four days if it is made compulsory for the members of assembly, senate, all government employees including civil servants to be educated in government schools. What I want to present is that you should order the allocation of at least 10% quota for minorities and women in private and public universities so that they can get education free of cost so that this section of the society can also come into the national mainstream. ۔

In this regard, Nachiz has also sent a letter in the service of the Prime Minister stating that at least 10% seats should be allocated for minorities and women in public and private colleges, universities without any fee and other obligations. In this regard, orders should be issued immediately to the Provincial Governors, Chief Ministers, Federal Ministers of Education.

I would like to draw the attention of the Prime Minister to the fact that education in private and government colleges and universities in Pakistan has become very demanding. Government colleges and universities are also exploiting the poor Pakistani people under the guise of becoming independent institutions. Under Article 25 of the Constitution of Pakistan, it is the responsibility of the state to provide education to every citizen. So left

How can a laborer who earns 15,000 rupees a month get higher education for his children? Minorities and women are unable to play an active role in national development because they do not have access to higher education. It is therefore imperative that at least 0% 1 seats be allocated for women and minorities in all private and public colleges and universities. Dear readers, I request you all to mix your voice with this voice of mine.

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