He is not dull and incompetent!

 He is not dull and incompetent!

"Your child has very little emphasis on reading. You are alerted in time so that you do not stay in the dark and do not say tomorrow that we have wasted his year," the principal said bluntly.

"It simply came to our notice then. We are also trying. Please don't kick me out of school. " Rehan's mother spoke in a pleading tone

"Look, he doesn't have a problem with a single subject, he has the same situation in every subject. It is taught through the medium of instruction but the child has the lowest performance in the whole class which can affect the rest of the students. So we will not take any more risk. "

Rehan's mother brought him back home with a heavy heart and then after getting admission in different schools, it was revealed to her that her child is "incompetent" and also stupid. He is not interested in reading and how can a child who is not interested at all be taught?

After hearing all these comments, he was also advised to teach him a skill so that it would not become a burden on anyone tomorrow.

The idea that a child cannot go to school and that enrolling them is a waste of time and money is painful for a mother who wants to make her child capable. But when Rehan's mother found out that her child was suffering from dyslexia, she was so upset that she tortured her child for so long.

Rehan beat his mother several times while studying at home. It was normal to get angry at him and call him too slow. An innocent child endured all that was not his fault.

Unfortunately in our society parents and teachers do not even try to understand the individual problems of the child and know about his mental state and they do not even have the basic information about it. If a child does not get along with other students, instead of understanding the problem, his / her name is removed from the educational institution. Can't do

These children go through the ordeal of being compared to their siblings at home and to their classmates at school.

In fact, it is a disability that is invisible and the sufferer does not even know how to express his anxiety. The child in particular cannot tell parents and teachers how difficult he or she is reading and why he or she has difficulty understanding and solving a question.
If your children are old enough to read and write and they have some difficulty in this regard, then before labeling your children as stupid and stupid, check that they are not suffering from dyslexia. !

Let's find out what this disease is.

What is dyslexia?

According to medical experts, it is a disease that causes a child to have difficulty in reading, writing, memorizing a word and spelling, and uttering words. The disease is related to the brain and its function. But it has nothing to do with intelligence. It is a problem that does not seem to exist and even the victim is unable to express it.

What are the symptoms of dyslexia?

The symptoms of dyslexia can vary from person to person. While some children have difficulty writing and spelling and recognizing math letters, for some children the wrong pronunciation of words and inversion of numbers becomes a constant problem.

Treatment of dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a disease or a disability but a condition in which children have difficulty learning. This is an issue that needs attention. Which does not appear immediately after birth. The disease is usually diagnosed between the ages of three and five. If the child is having difficulty speaking or the attention span is short, parents should be alerted immediately in light of these two symptoms.

At this stage, the role of parents is very important in getting their children out of trouble. They should look after their children from the beginning. If the child is repeatedly failing to recognize the word manipulation and letters, then they should consult a doctor. This is because specialist physicians can identify such children through the stages of therapy or conversation and give them the best advice to overcome their low back pain.

These experts teach children to recognize letters with the help of colors and shapes in games and can suggest to parents with the help of colorful illustrated stories and magazines.

A child with this disease has every right to education, so parents can take the teacher in the school in confidence about their child's mental state and his / her problem related to learning and get their special attention for it. He can arrange the education of the child by giving training in this regard. Only a good teacher can give encouragement and confidence to the affected child when they need it most.

According to experts, with the help of parents and teachers, these children can be successful by completing the educational steps like normal children. Examples include Jennifer Aniston, the best American actress, Steven Spielberg, the top Hollywood filmmaker, and Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion.

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