Afghanistan: Who is responsible for the current situation, chaos and anarchy?

 Afghanistan: Who is responsible for the current situation, chaos and anarchy?

The city of Kabul in particular and Afghanistan as a whole seems to be in turmoil, chaos, insecurity, and uncertainty about the future due to the Taliban's rapid takeover of the capital after the provincial capitals while the Afghan president Dr. Ashraf Ghani, who has been assuring the nation that the Taliban will not seize power, has fled after the Taliban entered Kabul.

On the other hand, the forces that are considered to be the guarantee of stability of any country are its army and law enforcement agencies which could not stand in front of the armed Taliban and seemed to have collapsed.

Military retreat in Afghanistan and its causes
About two months ago, US President Joe Biden confidently claimed that the United States had enabled the Afghan army and other law enforcement personnel, numbering close to 300,000, to not only They will stop the advance of about 70,000 Taliban in number and force them to retreat, but will also defend the security and government of their country. He claimed that about 15,000 US trainers had trained and equipped them with modern weapons, while the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan reported that more than 80 80 billion had been spent on the Afghan army in the last 20 years. Have been done, but the situation is before the world. As soon as the withdrawal of US and coalition forces was completed, the Afghan army and other agencies dispersed and the weapons they had received to fight the Taliban piled up in front of the Taliban.

Analysts say the main reasons for the Afghan army's retreat are linguistic, ethnic and tribal divisions, growing corruption, mistrust in officers and subordinates, and the worst mismanagement. The US will leave them and leave the country, which the Taliban took advantage of to subdue them.

The escape of Afghan President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and its effects
Dr. Ashraf Ghani, who was elected President of Afghanistan in the disputed 2014 elections, had previously been associated with the World Bank and has written a book in English entitled Reconstruction of Failed States. But when they themselves were given a devastated Afghanistan, political, tribal, linguistic and ethnic divisions increased, and that is why the United States repeatedly intervened to maintain relations between Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. While Dr. Ashraf Ghani is also said to be in his immediate circle most of the people who were living abroad and came to his aid at the invitation of Dr. Ashraf Ghani due to which Dr. Ashraf Ghani and his allied Afghan leadership suffered from mistrust, the effects of which came when the United States negotiated with the Taliban instead of the Afghan government, signed the Doha Accords, and then began implementing its withdrawal announcement.

According to analysts, since Ashraf Ghani's writ on his government was weak, when the Taliban took the lead in May this year, they did not face strong resistance and the Taliban captured Kabul in a short time and Ashraf Ghani Had to flee leaving his cabinet colleagues and that was the moment when the Afghan nation was shocked and the Taliban about whom he believed the Afghan army would defeat them but now he is forced to They are ready to accept the Taliban as a political force but they are also ready to accept it if it is formed on their government.

Taliban occupation of Kabul and ground realities
Before August 15, the situation in Kabul was normal. Afghan police were present in the police stations, bazaar offices were open. The girls were going to school and the women were busy with their daily activities but as soon as the Taliban approached Kabul Gate a chaos broke out and to stop this chaos the Taliban announced that they wanted to enter the capital peacefully instead of fighting. And then it happened that as soon as Dr. Ashraf Ghani left the Presidency, the Taliban took control of the presidential palace without any resistance, then the fear of war among the Afghan people disappeared, but suddenly the Afghan police and the Afghan army suddenly disappeared from the scene. Disappeared and looting began in the city and according to Afghan media reports, valuable vehicles were snatched while robberies also came to light and this was the reason why Kabul's markets and offices were closed while locals The population has been cordoned off and according to eyewitnesses, the Taliban have seized government vehicles and started patrolling, and they are confident that the Taliban will take control of the situation.

Attack on Kabul Airport
When the Taliban took over Kabul, the first person to flee Afghanistan was Afghan President Dr. Ashraf Ghani, and that was the reason for the chaos in the country. Planes from Canada have landed in Kabul and those who have Afghan passports will be taken away without visas. The Afghan people in Kabul stormed the airport and it was the turn of the American soldiers who killed the Afghan people in Afghanistan. They had come to the defense and when they started leaving them in a state of disarray, they had to shoot at the Afghans when they flew their military plane, as a result of which five people were killed.
Taliban occupation and future conditions
The Afghan Taliban have reaped the benefits of their 20-year struggle by occupying Afghanistan, but now their biggest test is to gain the trust of the Afghan people, and according to analysts, Afghanistan's biggest problem is instability, a weak economy, corruption and political tensions. And if the Taliban, along with other Afghan leaders, addresses these issues, Afghanistan can move towards stability, because in that case, even terrorist organizations will not have the opportunity to use Afghan land and Concerns over the issue will subside, but if the Taliban keep power to themselves, political and military tensions will escalate and the displacement now limited to Kabul could spread to neighboring countries.
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