What was happening in Pakistan?

 What was happening in Pakistan?

Celebrating and praying for deliverance and blessings from a plague like Corona this year and now bidding farewell to 2021. With this feeling many memories, events and happenings are circulating in the mind. This year has been much better, at least in Pakistan, in terms of the Corona epidemic. Not complete, but somewhat controlled. As well as being very good, there have been many incidents and accidents that have called into question the security of the country.

At the beginning of the year, there was a tragic accident in which 22-year-old Osama Nadeem Satti was killed by the Islamabad police on the basis of baseless suspicion. The question arose as to whether our police officers had the power to kill anyone they wanted, accusing them of terrorism. The following passage reflects on the situation in the heart.

I am a citizen of a free country
But I am not free at all
If I am weak and helpless
Then consider me a terrorist

In February 2021, the Pakistan Navy held a six-day international peacekeeping exercise in which representatives from more than 40 countries, including China, the United States and Iran, participated, which was certainly a proud initiative.

The issue of women's rights and women's march in Pakistan remained the same. Despite thousands of efforts and women's march, women could not be satisfied with their rights and status in the society. However, the women's march became even more controversial when a few videos surfaced after the march, which were accused of blasphemy. Thus, this controversial woman's march ended without any logical conclusion.

On April 21, a loud explosion took place in the parking lot of Serena Hotel, the only five star hotel in Quetta. The hotel was located in a sensitive area. It is also a hub for foreign tourists. For a long time after the arrival of the British, train travel was considered the safest. But a series of train accidents made it unsafe. On June 7, 2021, a similar accident took place near Ghotki district of Sindh. The accident took place between Millat and Sir Syed Express in which at least 65 people were killed on the spot and about 150 were injured.

Be it domestic incompetence or lust for wealth, failure in love or betrayal or murder in the name of friendship, it is becoming a common practice in our society. In the society in which we live, the victims are found, the killers are not found and even if they are found, they do not come under the clutches of law easily. A similar tragedy took place in Islamabad. On July 20, Noor Muqaddam from Islamabad was killed by cutting his throat with a sharp instrument. It was the culmination of brutality when human rights groups raised their voices against it and the case gained prominence on social media.

What happened in Minar-e-Pakistan Park on the occasion of Independence Day made the whole nation bow their heads in shame. Was it the fault of the girl or the mob, was it a conspiracy to spoil the joys of Independence Day or an accident? The question is, where are our social attitudes going?

In 2021, the politics of sit-ins continued with full force. Activists started protesting against the decision to ban Tehreek-e-Libek and then the arrest of its Amir Saad Rizvi. Violent demonstrations followed by the Tehreek-e-Libek.

Supreme Court orders removal of encroachments in Karachi. The order to demolish the multi-storey race tower was hotly debated. The question was, where do those who have invested their lives here go? Why doesn't the government take notice that it is illegal to build such buildings? Consideration is being given to compensating them.

The slogan "Haq Do Gwadar Ko" was also on the political horizon of Pakistan. The people of Gwadar started a movement against the trawler mafia and for basic rights in which women continued to play a significant role.

At the end of the year, an embarrassing accident took place in Iqbal City, Sialkot. Unnecessarily enraged mob killed a Sri Lankan man accused of blasphemy and then set his body on fire. While this tarnished the national identity at the international level, the incident was a clear manifestation of growing sentimentality, ignorance and violence in the society.

In that year there were many ups and downs in the country along with inflation, disease, poverty and unemployment but at the same time this year swallowed many precious diamonds with it. Apart from Dr. Tariq Aziz and Waheed-ud-Din Khan, the directors of masterpieces such as "Andhira Ajala" related to science and literature, many shining stars of showbiz industry, comedy King Omar Sharif, Dardana Butt, Hasina Moin, Farooq Qaiser alias Uncle Sargam, Anwar. Artists like Iqbal Baloch, Sanbal Shahid, Ejaz Durrani, Naila Jafri and Sohail Asghar left fans in mourning. Let us pray that the coming New Year will bring good and security to the country.

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