KP local body elections and Imran Khan

KP local body elections and Imran Khan

The first round of local body elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was a test for Imran Khan in which he failed miserably. The Prime Minister is being misled by his own appointed government representatives who are sacrificing Imran Khan's 25-year struggle merely to satisfy their ego. Imran Khan has to fix his house first. There is still time if Imran Khan chooses the right people and brings people forward on merit, then things can get better.

The recent local body elections have made clear the chaos within the party. The main reason for the PTI losing the local body elections in KP is the wrong choice of the people. Tickets were distributed to the wrong people. Putting aside personal interests, the party is in internal turmoil in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People are angry with Imran Khan for wrong choice of representatives, PTI is a victim of factions in KP. This internal turmoil in KP started when Imran Khan appointed Mehmood Khan as the Chief Minister of KP instead of Pervez Khattak after the 2018 elections because people trust Pervez Khattak. The biggest reason for the defeat of PTI in this election is the crisis of leadership in KP because Imran Khan could not give good leadership to the people in KP. We have no enmity with Mahmood Khan, trusting Imran Khan only in Pervez Khattak. Should have Our opinion may be wrong but there was no time for Imran Khan to change the leadership in KP. You can make a thousand differences on Pervez Khattak but as the Chief Minister he was successful in KP even though there was a PML-N government in the federation at that time.

People do not see that Imran Khan is the PTI. In KP, Mahmood Khan did not meet the expectations of the people. The people have rejected Mahmood Khan as the Chief Minister. Has been removed from PTI. This inflation is not only in KP but in the whole of Pakistan, the people are living in the worst conditions. The people do not care about why or how this inflation happened. The people wanted relief from the government in which this government failed. The result was the defeat of the local body elections in KP.

Listening to the statements of government ministers will be a big surprise. Someone has stood up and said that the biggest reason for our defeat is the storm of inflation. Brother, your government is in the province as well as in the federation. To do Someone is saying that the biggest reason for the defeat is the internal disunity of the party ie the party is not in the hands of one man, different people are running the party in their own way, people are drowning the party fleet to humiliate each other. Are doing Someone is accusing his people of selling, someone is saying that so-and-so has beaten me together with so-and-so.
All these are nonsense, it should be seen that everyone is blaming Imran Khan in a big way. Everyone is criticizing their government, everyone is trying to show that the party leadership has no control in KP. PTI is rampant in KP, the biggest reason is the crisis of PTI leadership in KP. There are always victories and defeats but the PTI is making excuses that due to inflation the PTI is losing the election, this is also a big reason but the biggest reason is lack of organization in the party. Now is the time for Imran Khan to select the right people to unite the party within KP. If Imran Khan does not organize the party within KP, it will have an effect in the coming elections.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) local body elections saw big upsets, many government towers overturned and key ministers could not win even their "strong" players in the tribal areas. PTI candidates lost in Lahore and Razar while PTI lost the mayoral election in Kohat, the home district of Shibli Faraz, Minister for Science and Technology. His candidature from Badhaber, the hometown of Governor Shah Farman, could not be made Tehsil Chairman. I also failed the PTI candidate for the mayoral seat.

The PTI suffered defeat in Tehsil Pubi, which is part of Defense Minister Pervez Khattak's National Assembly constituency. Assembly member Mahmood Jan's brother Ehtesham Khan lost to Mathura. Provincial Minister for Forests Ishtiaq Armor could not field his candidate in Chamkani Tehsil.

As far as the opposition is concerned, Maulana Fazlur Rehman has overtaken the government. Maulana has surprised everyone in the first phase of local body elections. The mayor's victory in Peshawar is Maulana's biggest victory. The people of Pakhtunkhwa have trusted Maulana instead of the government. In the first round of this local body election, Maulana took over the reins. Surprisingly, Maulana made his place in the PTI's political stronghold of Peshawar, where the government thought it was his stronghold. Maulana shared his political insights. Defeated the government in a shocking manner.
As for the rest of the opposition parties in which the ANP has also been defeated like the PTI. After the PTI, the ANP had the highest vote bank in these 17 districts. The ANP has also been rejected by the people. Jamaat-e-Islami, PML-N and PPP have won almost no seats. These three parties did not get anything in the early stages of local body elections even though Bilawal Bhutto had held a big political rally in Peshawar but still nothing was achieved. PML-N has made the victory of Maulana Fazlur Rehman its victory. However, Maulana is at the forefront in this political arena.

Now the second phase will take place next month, similarly the second phase includes Hazra Division, Mansehra and Abbottabad which is considered the stronghold of PML-N. Similarly, Malakand Division, Dir, Swat which is considered as the stronghold of Jamaat-e-Islami but also has a good vote bank of PTI. Similarly, North and South Waziristan will also be included in the next phase where Maulana Fazlur Rehman has a good vote bank. Now it remains to be seen what the government will do in its next phase.

Imran Khan says that we are losing because of wrong ticket, ministers are saying that the reason for defeat is inflation. At the same time, there is organizational mismanagement in the party and there is a lack of PTI leadership in KP. Imran Khan is misreported that all is well. Became the biggest reason. If Imran Khan does not take over the affairs of the party in KP today, the PTI will face an even more serious situation in the 2023 elections. This is beyond the reach of the present KP Chief Minister as he does not have the capacity to keep the party united, which has made matters worse to such an extent that the party lost the local body elections from its stronghold Peshawar.

Despite the fact that Chief Minister Mahmood Khan is responsible for the defeat in the local body elections, the Prime Minister has met him and asked for a report from him to find out the reasons for the defeat in the local body elections. Mehmood Khan has met the Prime Minister and presented a report on the reasons for the defeat in the first round of local body elections in which there are factors responsible for the defeat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa local body elections and PTI. Four provincial ministers and 11 assembly members, including the governor and speaker, are being held responsible for the defeat.

It is said that the tehsil mayor was given on the recommendation of Peshawar Governor Shah Farman, Kamran and Timur Saleem Jhagra. In the report, the mayor's ticket was defeated due to the opposition of Rabab Shehzad family. It is being said in the report that all the tickets of Mardan were given at the request of Atif Khan.

The report also said that all the tickets in Swabi were given on the recommendation of Speaker Asad Qaiser and Provincial Minister Shahram Turki. In the report, Arbab Noor Alam and MPA Arbab Wasim in Mathura are being held responsible for the defeat. According to the report, in Badaber Tehsil, Governor Shah Farman and MNA Nasir Musazai lost due to differences. According to the report, due to the defeat in the local body elections, action has been decided against the MPAs and MNS against the party policy but the real reason for the defeat is the Chief Minister himself. Why he could not unite the party in the local body elections? Imran Khan has to see the biggest reason for this defeat.

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