Is the end of the human race imminent?

 Is the end of the human race imminent?

In Surah Al-A'raf, the history of the rise and fall of nations and the factors behind it are told in a very pleasing manner. He settled down with you and provided for you the means of subsistence here ”(A'raf 10).

Freedom of thought and action is the central point of Hosharba's talisman of rise and fall in the universe. For those creatures who are deprived of this superior quality, there is neither rise nor fall. The birds, the trees, the migration, the moon, the stars, the stars, the planets, even the angels have not been exalted with this great blessing, so they are as they were, devoid of change and evolution. Along with the God-given attribute of dominion and power, the human attitude of determining the direction of rise and fall has also been pointed out: "But you people are seldom thankful" Walkers move from heights to lows. It is the balance of gratitude and disbelief that tells the story of rise and fall.

After explaining the universal and eternal principle, the story of the creation of Adam is narrated which begins as follows: They all prostrated, but Iblis (Satan) did not join them in prostration ”(A'raf 2). The Creator of the universe arranged a gathering of angels to introduce Adam. The presence of a jinn in it was a sign of its rise. Knowledge and wisdom enabled him to participate in the Balshan Conference, but the arrogance and disobedience swallowed his height and he reached the extreme of inferiority and became a runaway dargah. Go out here boasting of arrogance that in fact you are one of those people who want their own humiliation ”(A'raf 13).

Every word of the Holy Qur'an is truth and truth, which has been warned of the causes of decline. It starts with the individual thinking of the people of the society. The individual thinking of the people forms the basis of their words and deeds. Then that thought, words and deeds determine the direction of rise and fall of this society.

Whenever a society has reached its peak in human history, its journey has started with its own thinking and thinking. The thinking of these human beings is free. Breaks down and the focus of this thinking becomes collective. Positive words and deeds are built on 'free' infinite thinking and that society reaches its climax. Whereas in a society where individual thinking is imprisoned. She is unable to fly. She cannot get out of the grip of her caste. Thoughts bound in chains are not collective but individual. Achieving personal prosperity is possible but society is declining.

According to Scientific American, Stanford University biologist Paul Earlich's book, The Population Bomb, was published in 1968. This year, the world's population growth rate was more than 2%, the highest in history. Half a century later, the threat of nuclear catastrophe has lost its significance. California experts say the human race has reached its peak. It may soon decline. He said that in terms of age and physical development, it seems that the present generation has reached its peak. He made the remarks after reviewing information from the last 120 years. Scientists say the environment is also being affected. As a result of the environment, human life may now begin to shorten. He warned that the heights that man now enjoys may never come again. The report, published in the journal Psychology, states that although advances in medical science and other fields have resulted in better living conditions than in the past, his health may now be significantly affected.
As far as the population is concerned, the population is now more comfortable and prosperous than in 1968. The population is still growing, but the growth rate has halved since 1968. The predictions of the current population are different. It will peak in the middle of the century and then decrease rapidly. The global population in 2100 may be even smaller. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already. In some countries, the population will soon halve to its current rate. The current population has grown rapidly. As a species, humans are remarkably similar. Some groups of wild chimpanzees have more genetic variation than the entire human population.

Lack of genetic mutations is never good for the survival of any species. Furthermore, the decline in human reproductive traits over the past few decades has reduced the birth rate due to pollution, anxiety and worry. People are now worried about the small population. Generations of mammals come and go rapidly, flourish and disappear in a million years. Remaining records indicate that man has been around for about 350,000 years or more, but for most of that time this species was rare, so much so that more than once he became extinct. And thus the danger of the extinction of the human race arose.

Human economic development could have a detrimental effect on millions of other species on the planet. Today, people have to work harder to maintain a standard of living than their ancestors. In the last 20 years, global economic productivity has stagnated or decreased. The human race is declining. ۔ Another factor contributing to the declining population is women's economic, reproductive and political independence. With healthcare, women are reluctant to have more children, but having fewer children means shrinking the population.

The most dangerous threat to mankind is what is called a perishable debt, meaning that there is a time in any kind of development, even if it is spreading when extinction becomes inevitable, even if they stop it. Do anything for The cause of extinction is usually a delayed response to the loss of habitat. If we want to become a great nation we must free our thinking. We have to create a generation that is free from the shackles of thought. These corona "other epidemics are still warning us that perhaps the world is nearing its end" and that the present century could be dangerous for the human race.

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