Help the oppressors, but how?

 Help the oppressors, but how?

He felt that Seth was trying to get extra money by considering him naive. After paying the monthly household purchase bill, he compared it with the local market and a mountain of surprises fell on him. Seth Sahib was extremely cruel, sugar which was easily available at Rs. 90 per kg, was collected at the rate of Rs. 136 per kg, on the advice of a wise businessman But in Seth Sahib he did not believe, finally he told his story of grief to the Tehsildar and then the scenario changed. Seth Sahib was also fined Rs. 50,000 and sentenced to jail by the power of the people.

The recent incident in the historic city of Bheera, Pakistan, is a warning to the oppressors, a lesson for anyone who is crossing their boundaries, showing that the people can no longer tolerate more oppression. No, now people are waking up, the understanding of the people is increasing, now this method will not work, increase the prices yourself, receive extra money, by squeezing the blood of the people, the compulsions of the people, Take advantage and enjoy and abuse Imran Khan, keep chanting the tune of government is bad, if anyone resists, say enjoy the change, and two, vote for change, use outdated phrases.

The point to consider is why this is happening, in fact everyone is taking advantage of the weakness and incompetence of the government in the beloved homeland. For example, in the above incident, after the punishment, the president of Anjuman-e-Tajiran intervened and the corrupt Seth Sahib not only got out of jail but also the amount of fine was halved. Could not force import. When the law is enforced like this, who will take their grievances to the law enforcement agencies, and how will those with little power be afraid of the long arms of the law.

Interestingly, after doing all this, Imran Khan is held responsible, and then the state of Madinah is desired and we forget that in the state of Madinah, the Amir was obeyed, 100% obedience to orders. There was no idea of ​​a middle way, no matter how powerful the tyrant was, he did not deserve a concession.

We need to wake up, not to oppress ourselves, not to support the oppressor, the crown prince of Madinah, peace of heart and chest Asked if he can help the oppressed but how to help the oppressor, he said stop him from oppression.

Oppression is taking place everywhere in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the government alone cannot end it, everyone has to try to end it, keep your eyes open, be vigilant while shopping, especially on credit, usually traders on such occasions. Become oppressors, try to stop them from oppressing yourself, otherwise I will discharge my responsibility by informing the law enforcement agencies. Similarly, we have to help the oppressors in every field. Report to other agencies, because silence is a crime, legally, morally, religiously and yes you will always find yourself guilty in the court of your conscience.

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