Easy list of joys

 Easy list of joys ...

After getting rid of Cody Knight, friends met one by one. My students and friends also came to visit. The meeting, which took place almost a month or two later, had a long list of topics to discuss.

Most of the topics were old conversations. But there was a topic that surprised me a lot. My student reported a pleasant change. He said that he had to write an essay while preparing for the English exam.


What makes you happy

According to the student, in his thirty-two years of life, he found happiness many times. But never before has I felt so happy as I did while writing an article. Never thought that the little things we ignore are the real basis of our happiness.

While writing the article, when I reviewed only one day, countless things gave me immense pleasure. Drinking tea from the hand of the husband in the morning, which is just a routine for both the maker and the drinker, but if there is even a slight change in this routine, then it is known that it is a source of great happiness and satisfaction.

From the beginning to the end of the day. Innumerable pleasures have become a part of daily life in twenty four hours but we never count them because most of the time it is spent on acquiring all the pleasures which are not present in the pleasures which are present and spread all around. Yes, we forget to appreciate it.

According to Albert Einstein ... A table, a chair, a bouquet of flowers and a violin. What more could a human being need to be happy?

The concept of happiness may be different for every person but his philosophy is the same, the real happiness is in the present moment. If the journey beyond the destination is beautiful, then fatigue or remorse never follows. Because according to the Buddha, there is no way to happiness. Happiness is a path in itself and it is an emotion which is connected with gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more opportunities you have to give thanks. In the same way, recognizing happiness and being happy is the real cause of happiness.

Get started today or not. Make a list. What makes you happy?
This will not only help you to achieve the things that are not in life but will also help you to appreciate the things that are the cause of real happiness. But due to inattention and negligence, we are not able to enjoy these joys.

There is a simple version. Love from the heart, do what you do from the heart and never give up hope. Happiness will never leave you.

written by riasat gondal

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