Center Today man needs love very much

Center Today man needs love very much

Today, human solidarity is the first need of a society suffering from selfishness, hatred, anarchy and disorder. It is very important for human welfare that we share our joys and sorrows with other human beings and share in the sorrows of others. Play a positive role in bringing happiness to others and solving the social problems of miserable people. Embrace goodwill with each other and solve the problems we face by mutual consent and solidarity.

Undoubtedly, unity and solidarity is the greatest strength of human beings, which we observe at every stage of life. The social system of human life is one of the means to achieve this unity and solidarity. This is where civilizations come into being and new social systems grow. But unfortunately there is a severe lack of human solidarity in our societies. Selfishness and apathy among the people is increasing day by day irrespective of the problems of others. Another goal of human solidarity is to eradicate poverty and hardship from the world and to highlight the importance of human solidarity.

Islam is the first religion to teach unity among all nations and religions of the world that all Muslims are brothers to each other, whether one is from the East or the West or the North and the South, whether one lives in the Muslim area or the infidels In the region, all Muslims are brothers and expressing solidarity with the brothers is the hallmark of a noble and virtuous nation. Islam, without distinction of religion and nationality, has drawn the map of the human community which, if practiced truthfully, would present a picture of a paradise world full of evil, oppression, tyranny and anarchy. There is no education, no religion and no thinker in the world has access to the example of love and affection that Islam has set on the basis of mere humanity. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Do not hate one another, do not be jealous, do not turn away from one another, all together be servants of Allaah and become brothers. According to a narration of Sahih Bukhari, do not deceive each other. In another place, it is said, "He who does not show mercy is not shown mercy." Have mercy on the people of the earth. The one in heaven will have mercy on you.

There is no doubt that the imperialist mentality, manipulation and world domination of a few world powers is the dream in degrading and dividing the Muslims. Imperialism and its policy makers do not want to see the Islamic world united in any way. They have been dividing the Islamic world under one agenda. That is why there are differences among Muslims and there is no unity between Islamic countries and their rulers. Political parties of any country are rivals of each other. There are personal animosities and animosities between the ruling party and the opposition. Religious parties, institutions and leaders are so divided that they call each other hypocrites, atheists and agents without any argument. There are disputes over provincialism, linguistics, nationality and patriotism.

Conspiratorial elements are taking advantage of these conditions and weaknesses. The greatest emphasis in Islamic teachings is on unity and solidarity. Mutual love, brotherhood, brotherhood, faith, unity and belief are the fat of Muslims. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said in his farewell speech, “Look! Do not fall into mutual differences. In the Holy Qur'an, Allah, the Lord of Glory, has commanded: “Do not differ at all.” Muslim countries are humiliated because of differences. Poverty, inflation, unrest, lawlessness, unemployment, ignorance, revenge, looting, robbery, kidnapping, murder are the result of differences among Muslims. Today, where there is a need for perfect unity and solidarity among the Muslims of the Muslim Ummah, there is an urgent need for human solidarity in our society and circle of friends, there is an urgent need to awaken the spirit of benevolence towards others. We need to be supportive and helpful to each other, sharing the pain of others, abandoning hatred and apathy. According to the poet

Fill seven boxes and bury two hatreds
Today man needs love very much

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