American citizens who have been giving away the same toffee for three decades

 American citizens who have been giving away the same toffee for three decades

Washington: Two brothers living in the US state of New Hampshire have been giving the same toffee as a gift to each other for the last three decades.

The Christian community presents gifts to each other on the eve of their biggest religious holiday, Christmas, a tradition that has been going on for many years between two brothers in the US state of New Hampshire, but their gift is very interesting.

American brothers have been giving each other the same toffee for the last thirty years, which is certainly a surprise to readers.

The series began in 1987 when Ryan Wasson gave his brother Eric Wasson a 10-roll Frankford 'Santa Candy Book' with a variety of fruit flavors as a joke for Christmas, which he thought Eric liked. Will not.

Eric kept the toffee and presented it to Ryan Wasson the following year as a gift, which Ryan immediately recognized as the same candy he had given.

From here, the same candy began to be given to each other every year and the toffee bought in 1987 is still circulating between the two brothers and now it has become a ritual adopted by their friends and relatives.

Last year this toffee was presented to Ryan Wasson in a silver plate in a restaurant, now this year it is Ryan's turn to give toffee to his brother Eric.

For which Ryan Wasson turned to a group on social media for new ideas about this toffee. It was suggested that the pizza be delivered or delivered by Christmas carols, hidden in a book or cake.

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