A letter to Ghalib

A letter to Ghalib

Hello Uncle! Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. At least he must have been living a very good life in Delhi. First of all, congratulations on your birthday. I know you understand that I am one of your thousands of fans and now I will appreciate your poetry. Acknowledging your greatness, I will order a new ghazal, but it is not like that at all.

I am definitely a fan of yours but I have not written a letter praising your poetry nor is there any purpose. What's more, we have a very large variety of poets today. I wrote this letter only because I had some complaints from you.

I'm sorry but the truth is that you have put our internet generation in trouble by writing such difficult poetry. You spoke Urdu just to change the taste of the language but what is our fault that it became difficult to understand the language. Now look ... He wrote the first poem of his kalyat so difficult that even a distant thing cannot be read properly.

Naqsh-e-Faryadi is the epitome of his eloquent writing

The paper is the cover of each picture

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ........... Hey, I forgot that you don't know these people. Wow what a wonderful poet he is. See how great the article is. Custom according to time

Who made jeans?

It looks good

I'm wondering how good it would be if there was an internet in your time. You too would have avoided going to the court of kings and overnight you would have had millions of followers and we would have avoided reading books. I wish you were in this day and age enjoying modern poetry. If you drank your beloved's hand-made tea or coffee, you would surely forget the taste of alcohol. Then what you said is not

Although there is no movement of the hand, there is a tail in the eyes

Let Sagar and Mina die now

Then never say that, but I am sure you would describe this article like this and get a lot of praise:

The disease affects the stomach and liver

Leave the tea and coffee for now

Hey uncle please don't mind I think you are getting angry. That's all I said, otherwise we love you very much. We miss you too. Much will greet the maidens. Thank you for taking the time.

Internet generation only

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