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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Destroyed Pakistan and the burden of relations

 Destroyed Pakistan and the burden of relations

Pakistan has now reached the highest point in its history. The place we often hear the sayings of the elders. Our elders once said that there will come a time when Pakistan will have the name of the whole world and Pakistan will have the name of the whole world. Today we are seeing that era with our own eyes.

Until yesterday, it was unthinkable that our government could say "no" to any of its demands. To persuade the British Foreign Secretary not to sell the JF Seventeen Thunder to Argentina, the fugitive will come to Pakistan and Pakistan will give him a resounding answer.

All these measures could have been possible only under this government, because perhaps Imran Khan is the only leader in the Islamic world on whom the West has no leverage to put pressure. His wealth looted from Pakistan does not lie in the West, nor is he mentally a slave to the West.

If a Pakistani leader had done this before today, perhaps the entire Pakistani nation would have looked down on him, but despite all these achievements of Imran Khan, this nation is not willing to give him that position. One of the biggest reasons for this is the conflict of interest of the elite. The second reason is the unstoppable chain of inflation, which this government seems to have failed to curb. Conflict of interest aside, we only talk about inflation.

Pakistan is one of the largest commodity producers in the world. In addition, all kinds of fruits are also produced in abundance in Pakistan. Despite meeting our needs, we also export large quantities of rice and other food items in large quantities. In a country where goods are produced in large quantities, their price is very low in that country. But the situation in Pakistan is reversed. Food items are becoming more expensive here day by day. The price of meat has become beyond the reach of the poor, while meat is now being regularly exported from Pakistan.

What is the reason that our rulers fail to control inflation? It is because they do not understand the reason for inflation or they want to keep their eyes closed even though they know everything.

The biggest cause of inflation in Pakistan is the burden of the two so-called brotherly countries, which Pakistan has unnecessarily put on its neck. One is called Afghanistan and the other is called Iran. Who is innocent in Pakistan who does not know that Afghanistan has never spared any effort to harm Pakistan's interests in the past. Until the time of Sardar Dawood, relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan were strained.

If we talk about Iran, it is still using every tactic to harm C-Pack. Today, Iran is as friendly with India as it is with any Islamic country. Even today, Iran seems to be advancing the American and Zionist agenda against the entire Islamic world. However, there seems to be a strong animosity between the two countries.

Now we tell you how these two countries are causing inflation in Pakistan. As for Iran, it is well known that it is subject to international economic sanctions. Pakistan does not export anything to Iran, but Pakistani rice is still available in large quantities in every Iranian supermarket. This is because there is no check on shopping in Pakistan and any quantity of shopping. Our broker is only interested in your profits. It doesn't matter who the buyer is or why he is buying in such large quantities. The more money he gives, the more he will buy. Some time ago, there was a severe shortage of rice in Pakistan. The reason was that Iranians were buying from Pakistan and smuggling it from Pakistan very easily. If anyone finds these words rhetorical, he can go to Jodia Bazaar in Karachi and verify them himself. All these things are very common there.

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Now we come to our second so-called brother Afghanistan. His story is colorful, serious, salty, bitter and heartbreaking. Pakistanis who have ever been in contact with Afghans are well aware that Afghans still hate Pakistan almost as much as they used to in the past. When Russia entered Afghanistan and a so-called jihad against it began, a large number of Afghans entered Pakistan. They stayed in the camps for a while, but when they were left open, they spread to the cities. In their own country, they did not even have enough bread, but they began to see a lot of business opportunities here. Capital is not a problem for them. Now someone will ask why winter has not become a problem for those who did not have enough bread. This is also what we tell you.

Who doesn't know that most of Afghanistan's so-called jihad was funded by heroin. At the time, heroin was widely available and sold at very low prices. Afghans are perhaps the only nation in the world whose every family member has been or has been in the heroin business. It was very easy for Afghans to buy a packet of heroin from there and enter Pakistan on foot from some border and bring this packet of heroin to Pakistan and sell it at a good price. This is a very authentic and real story that is being told to you, which we did not believe when we first heard it from a broker in Jodia Bazaar, but later circumstances and events confirmed it. According to this broker, an Afghan becomes a millionaire in five rounds of Afghanistan, even though he did not have a penny. The first question we asked him was how? On which he told us this story

It happens in such a way that an Afghan manages ten thousand Pakistani rupees by stealing or manipulating. He then buys heroin directly from his brother or a relative in Afghanistan. He returns to Pakistan with this packet of heroin. Here the buyer of this heroin is already waiting for him, who immediately buys this packet from him at ten times the price. Now this Afghan has one lakh Pakistani rupees in his hand. With which he goes straight to Jodia Bazaar, from where he buys food and drink worth one lakh rupees. He has no difficulty in transporting the goods to Afghanistan. Because one of his brothers or relatives is also in the goods transport business, which delivers all these goods to Afghanistan under very low fares under the guise of Afghan transit trade. Once there, the goods are sold at about three times the price. Now this Afghan has got about three lakh rupees. Now he buys heroin again for 300,000 Afghanis, with which he enters Pakistan with great ease. Here the buyer is found waiting and then he buys this heroin at ten times the price. This is how this cycle works and in the fifth cycle this Afghani has one crore Pakistani rupees in his hand

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He then ventures out of the fog and into the new shopping centers. Because he has already made a Pakistani identity card, he can easily buy a shop here and contact the people involved in the smuggling business and fill his shop with excellent Japanese and Korean clothes. He pays a very meager price, but the cloth is sold to Pakistanis at a very high price. Has anyone in our country ever investigated how every shopping center in Pakistan is full of this cloth even though it is not imported from Japan and Korea? Here, too, corruption covers the veil. I don't know how many government officials are running their houses just by keeping their eyes closed.

Afghan transit trade is nothing short of a disaster for Pakistanis. Because under the guise of this, many goods are also delivered to Afghanistan from Pakistan, without any customs duties and taxes.

House rents in Karachi had increased fivefold only because of the Afghans, who never returned. Today in Karachi, all the shopping centers are under the control of Afghans only, the story behind which is the same as the one you have just heard. There was a time in Jodia Bazaar when a small Pakistani trader was arguing with brokers with a limited amount of money in his hand so that he too could save two paise so that he could support his wife and children. One of them used to come there and ask for the price of the goods. The broker would put it at ten to fifteen rupees more than usual. The Afghani used to say without any trick or argument, give us all the wealth. The broker not only sold all the goods to him but also taunted the Pakistani small trader that the business is no longer for you, go home and do Allah Allah.


It sounds like a funny story to read, but ask those who have been victims of all these situations

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how many people's stoves have been extinguished because of these Afghans.

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