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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Hurricane Gulab turned into Shaheen

 Hurricane Gulab turned into Shaheen

Most people think about the names of hurricanes around the world, why they were named, or what they mean. Just like the recent storm in the Bay of Bengal was named Rose, but now the name has changed.

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The storm was named after Pakistan. Meteorological experts say the severe depression and storm in the Arabian Sea has turned into Hurricane Shaheen since October 1.
The meteorological department said a tropical hurricane was forming in the northeastern Arabian Sea and the depression could turn into a cyclonic storm in 24 hours.

The storm could affect coastal areas of Pakistan, while the storm has already wreaked havoc in the coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat in India.
After heavy rains in India, water entered homes, shops, offices and hospitals. Electricity and communications were also destroyed. After which the administration also suspended train and flight operations. The Indian Meteorological Department has forecast more rains in 72 hours.
Hurricane "Shaheen", which changed on October 1, has been named by Qatar. Earlier in May this year, a hurricane in the Arabian Sea was named Taute. The name Taute, or Taekwondo, was suggested by Myanmar. In Myanmar's local Burmese language, it means gecko, a lizard whose voice is very loud or it speaks very loudly.

The name of the storm was suggested by Myanmar because it was Myanmar's turn to name the cyclone after the storm.
There is a panel of South Asian countries called "Panel and Tropical Cyclone" (PTC) for naming cyclones. The panel initially had seven countries, which has now grown to 14.

These countries included Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Oman. However, later Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have also joined it.

There was no tradition of such storm names before 2004, when storms were remembered by their numbers, but in 1999 a cyclone struck Badin and Thatta, then renamed Zero to A. Which was the second hurricane in the Arabian Sea this season
The PTC later agreed among all countries' meteorological departments that hurricanes should have names that are easy to remember, easy to pay for, after which it was decided that each country would give a name. Will Thus, a list was compiled in 2004 that lasted until 2020 and used all of the hurricane names suggested.

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