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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Europe is seeing a clear lack of transparency and loyalty to the submarine dispute with France

 Tensions between the United States and France over the cancellation of the submarine deal shook the Western alliance on Monday as EU leaders backed French anger over the cancellation of the mega-contract. According to the French news agency AFP, on the other hand, US President Joe Biden has tried to reduce the anger of European countries by easing the travel restrictions imposed due to the corona virus.

Tensions in the Trans-Atlantic Alliance have cast a shadow over the UN General Assembly this week, while Joe Biden hopes to turn the page on Donald Trump's tumultuous presidency and unite allies against China. Will

The US president, who will address the summit on Tuesday, is working to step up action against epidemics and climate change and build a global coalition in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have gained control since the withdrawal of US troops last month. Had taken over

Tensions between the United States and France suddenly escalated when Australia last week canceled a multibillion-dollar deal for French submarines and replaced it with a new trilateral alliance with Washington and London. As the US chose nuclear technology.

European Council President Charles Michel says the bloc will demand answers. He said allies needed to ensure "transparency and trust". "We're seeing a clear lack of transparency and loyalty," Michelle told reporters.

"At least it was really clear with Trump - the tone, the substance, the language - it was very clear that the EU was not, in his opinion, a useful partner, a useful ally. "EU foreign policy chief Giuseppe Borrell also said the EU foreign ministers had expressed solidarity with France.

"The ministers have expressed clear solidarity with France," Joseph Borrell told reporters after a meeting of EU ministers on the sidelines of the UN on Monday. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has accused the United States of cheating and Australia of stabbing him in the back. No separate meeting is scheduled with US Secretary of State Anthony Blankenship during his UN meeting.

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